I'm Giulio.

a Growth Hacker.

Giulio Bambini

Who I am

I'm a growth hacker based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I have a demostrated history of working as
data scientist / web marketer / web developer.

What I can do.

Giulio Bambini

Make advanced data analysis

I enjoy to explore structured and unstructured data with Machine Learning tecniques. I usually make this kind of analysis with:

Python / Google Analytics / Knime / SQL.

Giulio Bambini

Plan A/B testing model and CRO

I can make experiments on the web marketing area. I know how to run A/B testing model and Convertion Rate Optimization plans using:

Google Optimize / CrazyEgg.

Giulio Bambini

Develop web applications

I really like to be involved in web development projects. My main goal is always to create SEO oriented and speed optimized web applications with:

Javascript / HTML5 / PHP / MySQL.

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Keep in touch

Do you want to reach me out?

If you think you need my help with something or just fancy saying hey, then get in touch.