Influ-Venn-Za is a D3 project based on a web interactive visualization that analyzes the behaviour of pandemic flue, contagion relationships and contagion diffusion. The program allows the users to explore the data in a multidimensional point of view. In the left top corner of the page the user can explore the Euler-Venn diagram and zoom each intersection between 2 or more sets of type. For example we can underline the list of flu variants according to a particular relationship across the global data, including filter the selected data with a particular pattern. In the right top corner of the page the user can explore and update the occurrency of flu variants according to different filtering selections. In the bottom of the window there are 2 different representations of the data: the left one represents the histogram for explore the temporal dimension of each flu variant, the right one represents the piechart for explore the spacial dimension of each flu variant.